Meet the Business Owner and the Westport, CT Area

Our business owner founded her company in 2019 with the intent to bring together beautiful items selected by hand. She has a background in interior design and sources much of her inspiration through her travels. Each item available for purchase holds a deep connection to its origin. The company strives to carry a unique selection of quality-driven, handmade products for every element of the home and well-being.

The retail business is located in Westport, CT. Westport is a town along the Long Island Sound falling within Connecticut’s famed Gold Coast. It is around just 50 miles northeast of NYC.

The Vision

Our business owner was opening a new flagship retail store. The interior design was inspired by the owner's admiration for the Cotswolds' timeless appeal and also aligned with the vision of creating a store that embodies the essence of slow living. The vision aimed to craft a space that goes beyond retail, evoking a sense of tranquility and connection with nature, akin to the serene ambiance found within the Cotswold stone cottages.

Mojave Real Thin Stone Veneer Sample Thin Stone Veneer on pallet

Selecting the Stone

After meticulously examining more than 20 samples, the owner decided the Mojave natural stone veneer was the perfect choice for the retail store. It captured the essence of the Cotswold's rustic appeal with its blend of earthy tones and textured finish. This stone's warm and weathered appearance added a sense of history to the building. Additionally, the practical aspects of the Mojave stone veneer were highly appealing to the owner as its durability and resilience promised minimal maintenance and long-term sustainability.

Mojave Real Thin Stone Veneer Masonry Installation Mojave Real Thin Stone Veneer Installation Limestone being installed on an indoor wall

About Mojave

Mojave is a timeless natural thin cut limestone veneer with a slightly rough texture. The veneer has beautiful color and texture variations and is amazingly all cut from the same limestone. Mojave’s cream tones show the raw or interior part of the limestone, whereas, the tans and browns show the exterior part of the stone slabs.

Mojave Real Thin Stone Veneer Commercial Kitchen Display Mojave Real Thin Veneer Commercial Kitchen Interior Display Mojave Real Thin Veneer Commercial Wall Kitchen Display Mojave Real Mosaic Thin Veneer Commercial Kitchen Display Mojave Natural Thin Veneer Wall Mojave Real Thin Veneer Wall

Completing the Flagship Retail Store

The owner loved curating the palette of soothing tones with the Mojave natural thin veneer to complement the retail store’s soaring ceilings. The stone helps bounce the bright light that enters the space to create an inviting atmosphere. The finished store features Mojave natural thin veneer, reclaimed woods, and raw finishes. It strikes a balance between the careful curation of hardware and fixtures found at every touchpoint throughout the shopping experience.

Mojave Natural Thin Veneer Commercial Kitchen Display Mojave Real Thin Veneer Commercial Kitchen Display Mojave Real Thin Veneer Commercial Interior Mojave Natural Thin Veneer Commercial Interior