Meet the Homeowners and John’s Creek Area

Our homeowner is a hospital consultant that travels often for work and for pleasure. He lives with his wife and 2 sons in John’s Creek, GA. They traveled to France on vacation and fell in love with the old wine cellars in the area. Building their own wine cellar was a fun project to complete together at home.

John’s Creek was initially created when a group of Georgia Institute of Technology alumni bought farmland for a high-tech office park. In 1981, they spotted the tiny creek on an old map and named the area Technology Park/Johns Creek. Over the years, the area grew and John’s Creek was officially incorporated into a city on December 1, 2006.

The Vision

Our homeowners were interested in recreating the old-world wine cellars they had seen and fallen in love with while visiting France. They found a photo on the Quarry Mill inspiration gallery of a fireplace that had been mortar washed which closely resembled the look they wanted to recreate.

Pioneer Natural Thin Stone Veneer Kitchen Pioneer Real Thin Stone Veneer Close Up Kitchen

Selecting the Stone

The homeowners decided to install thin stone rather than full stone because the full stone could create too much condescension behind the stone in the wine cellar, would need a backer system to hold the weight of the full thickness stone, and would have taken up extra basement space. They searched for natural thin stone veneer and came across Quarry Mill based on the reviews. We received an email from the homeowner with a photo of the stone he was trying to match. Our sales staff recommended our Pioneer natural thin stone veneer.

Pioneer Real Thin Stone Veneer Basement Wine Cellar Pioneer Real Thin Stone Veneer Wine Cellar

About Pioneer

Pioneer is a natural hand-picked fieldstone that is sawed into thin stone veneer. The stone has neutral and pleasing earth tones with a soft and natural texture. Pioneer showcases the fieldstone in its completely natural state with irregular shapes.

Pioneer Real Thin Stone Veneer Fireplace

Completing the Remodel

Our homeowners completed a basement remodel. They used Pioneer on their wine cellar walls, kitchen, backsplash, and fireplace mantel. The project turned out absolutely perfect. Visitors that come to the basement love it. Our homeowner’s office is near the remodel and he enjoys going down to the basement with the back lighting in the wine cellar highlighting the stone. Our homeowners couldn’t be happier.

Pioneer Natural Thin Stone Veneer Kitchen Pioneer Real Thin Stone Veneer Basement Remodel