Classic Spanish Villa in St. Augustine

There is nothing more classic than a Spanish villa in the oldest city in the United States complete with an outdoor living area, stone fireplace, and pool.

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Celebrating the History of St. Augustine

St. Augustine, Florida is celebrated as the oldest city in the United States. It was founded in 1565 by Spanish explorers and is known for its Spanish colonial architecture. Our homeowner wanted to pay tribute to this beautiful city and its rich history by recreating the old-world aesthetics St. Augustine is known for.

The Vision

Our homeowner is a retired business owner of shipbuilding and staffing companies. He wanted new construction with the quality, technology, and amenities of a new build but with a timeless look that fits the beautiful city he calls home. Our homeowner and his wife spent time designing the perfect house that would be their primary residence and forever home. The final plan married a mixture of Tuscan and Spanish villa styles with a Mediterranean influence.

Selecting the Stone

The search began for a natural stone that fit their design aesthetic. The house plan included stone as exterior siding paired with stucco as well as an outdoor living area with a stone fireplace and pool. Our homeowner’s general contractor recommended Quarry Mill for our vast selection of stone. The homeowners searched the website and ordered samples of a few stones they were interested in. They decided on Madison for its old-world appeal.

About Madison

Madison real thin stone veneer is a classic rustic limestone.  The stone is a rough-cut split face thin veneer in shades of grey, buff or cream, and tan. The pieces have an inconsistent ashlar pattern in terms of their shapes.  Madison resembles a fieldledge style ashlar rather than a straight strip-like ashlar style.  Madison’s inconsistency gives it its beauty and creates a look that can only be achieved with natural stone.  The shapes also give flexibility to the mason over the final design.

Completing the Build

Our homeowners forever home turned out exactly as they had imagined. Their favorite thing is when people ask the age of the home not realizing it is new construction. Their Spanish villa with Mediterranean influence honors the rich history of St. Augustine. Some of the sealing material for the stone was difficult to find during the COVID shortages and they wish they had ordered it earlier. But all in all, they love their new home.