Mortar Joints in Natural Stone Veneer

Congratulations on selecting the stone for your project! The next crucial step is selecting the appropriate mortar joint (should you choose to have one). As a homeowner you may be saying “I thought they were all the same” however mortar joints have a drastic impact on the final appearance of the stone and can also … Continued

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What’s My Price?

Three common questions we get from new customers are: Do you have a distributor in my area? Will you sell to me as a homeowner? Do the prices posted apply to me? These questions arise from industry norms that have been used for decades.  The Quarry Mill takes a completely new approach to natural stone … Continued

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Green Initiatives with Natural Stone

Natural stone is one of the most beautiful, oldest and durable building materials on the planet. It has been used and stood the test of time for centuries. Without using natural stone as a building material many of the ancient wonders of the world would not be visible today. Our focus is natural thin stone … Continued

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How The Quarry Mill Got Started

The Quarry Mill started in 2006 as a modest business, owning and operating one quarry out of a small garage with just two employees. In the years since we opened shop, we’ve completed thousands of projects, both commercial and residential. Our natural stone veneer can be found in a variety of places, from home exteriors, … Continued

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