Blending Natural Thin Stone Veneers

So you want your dream home to be truly unique and not just another cookie cutter home in the hills? Luckily, the possibilities with natural stone veneer are limited only to your imagination. Whether you are looking to match stone from a picture or create your own work of art, we are here to help. The natural stone veneer products are design guidelines showing the different faces of our stone and their applications. They can be blended in any combination (additional shipping costs for some product combinations) or custom cut to your order specifications.

Blending natural stone veneers is a great way to contrast colors and textures. A very basic example of this would be using a stone like Empire (shades of grey) and to mix in 10-15% of something like Castle Ridge to add some color. Although both stones are from the same quarry, Castle Ridge is cut to showcase the colors of the natural mineral staining. The earth tone colors of Castle Ridge will really stand out or “pop” as focal points against the predominately grey Empire stone. Castle Ridge provides a softer sandy texture compared to Empire which is hard and smooth. Architects designing upscale homes will almost always blend at least two natural stone veneers to make their project unique.

For the rest of us, blending natural stone veneers can also be a great way to save money without sacrificing a desired look. Rest assured your wife is not the only one whose first stone choice just happens to be one of the most expensive. Although blending natural stone veneers obviously doesn’t work with every product, blending less expensive stone (typically Empire) at around 30% can help reduce costs.

When I first started selling stone, I had a very experienced and well respected masonry contractor come to our main office to get around 800 square feet of stone. He said something along the lines of “I’ll take this pallet, that one and those two over there” all referring to different products. I hadn’t seen a stone blend like this before and was curious to see how it would turn out. A few weeks later I went to see the home where the stone was installed and all I could say was “WOW!”. After showing the photos of the finished product to other customers we began to get requests for it. This natural stone veneer has become our Fish Creek. Let’s build your unique blend today!