Natural Stone Veneer Installation Cost

In Wisconsin it averages $20 per square foot.  Factors affecting the cost of installation:

Site Preparation

Is it interior or exterior?  If it is a remodeling job, does additional work have to be done to prepare the surface?  How easily accessible is the area?  Is it multiple stories? Will the mason have to set up scaffolding?


The cost of masonry work varies greatly throughout the country.

Installation Style

A drystack (mortarless) joint between the natural stone veneer will be more expensive than a standard half inch mortar joint due to the extra time required to make all the stones fit together perfectly.

Masonry Contractor

Although the three factors above contribute to fluctuations in the cost, who does the masonry work is by far the greatest cost factor.  As expected more experienced masons will charge more.  More expensive doesn’t always mean better and we recommend getting three bids on your installation and looking at that mason’s past work.  For more information, check out our blog post “Selecting a Masonry Contractor.”


Bids from the masonry contractor may or may not include the cost of the stone.  For this blog post we are only discussing the cost of installation without the stone. The prices for all of our premium natural stone veneers are available on the individual product pages.  We offer high-quality stone shipped directly to your home anywhere in the country.

Standard installation includes the metal lathe (wire mesh), scratch coat and mortar required for the job (for more information on what goes into installation check out our blog post “Natural Stone Veneer Installation”).  Standard installation in Wisconsin ranges from $14 to $28 per square foot without the stone cost.  Factoring in the stone itself makes the total cost anywhere from $25 on the low end to $45 on the high end per square foot.  Using natural stone veneer on your home provides a lifetime of lasting beauty.  We hope this helps, if you have any questions feel free to call us at (920) 213-7792.