Packaging & Delivery Of Our Natural Thin Stone Veneers


Our stone is packaged on standard pallets containing 100 square feet of flats or 50 linear feet of corners. You are not required to order in increments of 100 flats or 50 corners. For example, if you need 570 square feet you can order 570 square feet. You would receive five one hundred square foot pallets and one seventy foot pallet. Depending on the stone type the pallets will either be crated or palletized then shrink wrapped or covered with wire mesh. The standard flats pallets weigh approximately 1,500 pounds and the standard corner pallets weigh approximately 1,000 pounds. Packaging in this way makes for relatively light pallets allowing them to be delivered via common carrier and easily mobile on the jobsite.


We offer free curbside delivery on orders over $5,000 to all customers with standard street access in the lower 48 states. Our natural thin stone veneers are shipped directly from our quarries on a per pallet basis. This less than truckload (LTL) method is very convenient as the stone is delivered and unloaded curbside at your home or job site. It is recommended that your contractor have a forklift or skid loader on site to move the pallets. The freight company will call you a day ahead of time to make the delivery appointment. The freight company will then unload the pallets off the truck using what is called a liftgate. A liftgate is a hydraulic platform on the back of the truck that the driver will use to lower the pallets to the ground. The pallets will be left at the end of the driveway and ready for your contractor to take over. It is important to inspect the pallets when they arrive on site for any damage. If your contractor will not be immediately moving the pallets from the curb, we recommend checking with your HOA to ensure this is acceptable.