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Exterior masonry with natural thin stone veneer

Autumn Ridge and McGregor Natural Stone Veneer Blend Exterior

This classic lakeside cabin features a custom blend of the Quarry Mill's Autumn Ridge and McGregor real thin stone veneer. Autumn Ridge is a natural quartzite thin stone veneer in the ashlar style. It is known for its deep rich range of earth tones including greys, golds, gunmetals, and dark earthy browns. Autumn Ridge brings a rustic feel in its natural state but can be more formal with field trimming. Field trimming is the sawing and cutting by the mason on-site to square up the pieces and make them more uniform. As shown in this photo, the mason did extra field trimming to square up the pieces of Autumn Ridge.
Approved for all applications due to the high compressive strength and low water absorption of the stone.

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