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Lincoln Natural Stone Veneer Interior Gas Fireplace
Lincoln Real Thin Veneer Interior Fireplace Install

Lincoln Natural Stone Veneer Interior Gas Fireplace

This modern interior gas fireplace features the Quarry Mill's Lincoln real thin stone veneer. Lincoln is a natural marble with beautiful veining and a historic pedigree. This stone may look familiar as you may have seen it before on national American landmarks. For the first time, we are able to create and offer a natural thin veneer out of the raw stone used on these landmarks. The quarry has been in operation for over 180 years, but we have not sawed the stone into thin veneer until now. This same stone has been used on many national landmarks and emblems of power. Notably, this stone has been used on the New York Stock Exchange, Lincoln Memorial, and the U.S. Capitol Building.
Approved for all applications due to the high compressive strength and low water absorption of the stone.

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