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Primavera Natural Thin Stone Veneer Patio and Pool

Primavera Drystack Real Stone Veneer Outdoor LivingPrimavera Thin Stone Veneer Outdoor LivingOutdoor landscape wall showing a drystack (mortarless/tight fit) installation.A planter with cream colored natural stone veneer.Primavera Real Stone Veneer Exterior WallsThin Stone Veneer on a landscape wallNatural Stone Veneer on a landscape wallWhite and gold dimensional ledgestone thin veneer

Primavera Natural Thin Stone Veneer Patio and Pool

This awe-inspiring outdoor patio and pool feature the Quarry Mill's Primavera natural thin stone veneer with a tightfit mortarless installation. Primavera is a neutral-colored natural thin dimensional ledgestone veneer. The stone is a natural travertine limestone that is sawn to specified heights. Primavera is intended to be drystacked which is a masonry term for a tight-fit or mortarless installation. The stone has soft neutral tones of cream, buff, white and light gold.

Approved for all applications due to the high compressive strength and low water absorption of the stone.

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