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Ridgefield Commercial Thin Stone Veneer

Ridgefield Real Thin Stone Veneer Commercial Stage

This beautiful commercial stage features the Quarry Mill's Ridgefield natural thin stone veneer. Ridgefield is a classic blend of split face and seam face/weathered edge natural stone veneer. The raw stone slabs used to make Ridgefield are all excavated from the same quarry. The grey pieces are the split face created by breaking the stones with a hydraulic press. The interior part of the stone exposed by the hydraulic press is monochromatic grey due to the lack of mineral staining. The seam face/weathered edge comes from the edges of the natural stone slabs where there were seams within the ground. Rainwater was able to wash in minerals over the years staining the grey stone with shades of brown and tan.
Approved for all applications due to the high compressive strength and low water absorption of the stone.

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