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Custom Sawn Face Dimensional Natural Stone Veneer Commercial Exterior
Custom Sawn Face Tenbury Natural Thin Stone Veneer Commercial Exterior
Custom Tenbury Sawn Face Dimensional Real Thin Stone Veneer

Tenbury Custom Sawn Face Dimensional Style Natural Stone Veneer Commercial Exterior

This impressive commercial exterior features the Quarry Mill's Tenbury real thin stone veneer with a custom sawn face. Tenbury real stone veneer is a dimensional cut limestone that truly sparkles. The soft sparkle that shines as the light reflects off the crystals within the stone adds character and elegance to any project. Tenbury has semi-consistent tones of buff and shades of grey. The stone is split or machine cut and showcases the interior part of the natural limestone. This thin stone veneer is dimensional cut into three heights 2.25”, 5”, and 7.75”.
Approved for all applications due to the high compressive strength and low water absorption of the stone.

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