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Twilight Natural Tumbled Limestone Thin Veneer Wainscoting

Twilight Natural Stone Veneer Wainscoting

Twilight Natural Tumbled Limestone Thin Veneer Wainscoting

This exterior wainscoting features the Quarry Mill's Twilight real thin stone veneer. Twilight natural thin veneer is a blend of light and dark stones brought together with a tumbled finish. The pieces have a unique and heavy contrast compared to our other natural stone veneer offerings. The majority of the stones are lighter pieces of primarily off-white tones with some greys and tans. The darker black pieces of stone really pop against the lighter surrounding pieces. Twilight is a natural limestone with a sandpaper-like texture. The stone creates a natural ashlar pattern of medium size pieces laid in a linear fashion.

Approved for all applications due to the high compressive strength and low water absorption of the stone.

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