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Mortar Selection and Technique

Mortar Selection

Natural stone veneer installation includes selecting the proper materials with which to install the stones. Mortar and grout are two similar products with different purposes. They are both made of cement and an aggregate. Mortar comes in many strengths and formulas, which have various applications. Grout is sold in countless colors to help customize the look of your project. However, mortar is used to fasten materials together while grout is used to fill in gaps, typically for aesthetics. In the stone veneer industry, the terms mortar and grout are used interchangeably, since mortar is used both to fill gaps and make the stone stick to the surface.

Mortar Technique

When choosing the grouting technique for your new home’s natural stone veneer, consider the type of stone you have chosen and the overall look you want. Different stones have preferred grouting methods while other methods are not ideal. Grout color is equally as important since certain methods will enhance the colors in the stones while other methods cause the grout to be a greater focus. Be sure to keep color samples that you will use in your new home accessible, so you can compare things like paint colors, door and window colors, and other decorative items you may use on or near your natural stone veneer project.