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Plymouth Custom Natural Thin Stone Veneer
Plymouth Custom Natural Stone Veneer Blend
Plymouth Custom Real Stone Veneer Blend

Gloucester 30% Plymouth 30% Woodside 30% Nantucket 10% Custom Granite Thin Stone Veneer Exterior

This magnificent exterior and garage siding feature a custom blend of the Quarry Mill's Gloucester (30%), Plymouth (30%), Woodside (30%), and Nantucket (10%) natural thin stone veneer. Gloucester is a real thin stone veneer cut from natural New England granite. With bright beiges, greys, golds, speckled blacks, and darker browns, this stone is rustic and vibrant. Plymouth is a natural blend of tight-grained New England granite. The stone consists of soft beiges and greys with a natural and smooth texture. Woodside is a castle rock style natural thin stone veneer that consists of several rectangular sizes with squared and random edges. The stone is a natural granite with a beautiful weathered finish. Nantucket is a castle rock style real stone veneer with beautiful shades of dark grey and hints of blue.
Approved for all applications due to the high compressive strength and low water absorption of the stone.

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