1. 1

    Payment via check or wire transfer.

    You will receive a copy of your invoice via email attachment with instructions for payment. 

  2. 2

    Three sets of high-quality photographs showing the process from start to finish.

    You will need to hire a professional photographer to take the last set of photos to showcase your finished project. The photo sets include:

    – Before photographs of the pallets and your project

    – Photos during the installation process

    – Photos taken and sent to Quarry Mill by a professional photographer of your finished project (minimum 12)


  3. 3

    Post a review with the finished project photos to four places.

    – Quarry Mill’s product page for the stone you purchased. Review only, no photos.

    Quarry Mill’s Google Business listing: review and photos

    Quarry Mill’s Houzz listing: review and photos

    Quarry Mill’s Facebook page: review only, no photos

    *The same review posted to each platform is sufficient.

  4. 4

    Tell us about your project.

    Complete the following questionnaire. Quarry Mill will take the information you provide along with your photos to create a portfolio article. Please review the following example of one of our portfolio articles. In-depth information about you and your project helps our team write a quality portfolio article. Your name will not be published in the article.

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