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Our Stone FAQ

Find answers to the most common questions regarding our natural thin stone veneer products.

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Natural stone veneer is natural building stone sawed to a depth of approximately one inch. It is sometimes referred to as thin veneer or thin cut stone. Find out more about natural stone veneer.

No, all Quarry Mill products are individual pieces of premium natural stone intended to be installed by a professional masonry contractor. Learn more about premium natural stone veneer vs stone veneer panels. 

Yes, feel free to make your own custom creation. Some stones will blend together better than others, give us a call to help. Read more about customizing natural thin stone veneer.

Real stone will always have some color variance as it is a natural product. Read more about customizing natural thin stone veneer. 

Yes, there is a firm minimum of 300 square feet. Unfortunately, it is not cost-effective to ship smaller quantities.

Of course, one of the unique features of the Quarry Mill is that we work with homeowners directly.

Yes, we only quarry, cut and sell real stone. Natural thin stone veneer is very durable as it has been in nature for thousands of years and will retain its color and strength. Find out more about the advantages of real stone. 

Yes, just provide us with the formal quote from another company and we will present you with our pricing on the Quarry Mill’s comparable stone. Find out more about our price guarantee. 

Our natural stone veneers are only available through our online store.

The sizes of the individual pieces of stone vary depending on the product. All of our main product photos show the same amount of coverage. The displays show approximately ten square feet of stone and are just under four feet wide by three feet high.

The Quarry Mill has a 30 day return policy for unused materials. The material must be returned in the same condition it was delivered in. Some of our products are produced with set ratios of different size stones to ensure a nice pattern can be achieved, should this be altered, the product will not be eligible for return. There is a 25% restocking fee and it is the customer’s responsibility to pay return freight charges.

Yes, professionally made sample boards are available for all of our natural thin stone veneers. They are $45 and can be ordered on the individual product pages.

We quarry stone at multiple sites throughout the United States with our home base in Wisconsin. About 10% of our offerings come from overseas. You can find this information in the product description where it will state it is an imported product.

Yes, we have landscape stone options to match all of our natural stone veneers. Please contact us for a quote.

Yes, almost all of our natural stone veneers are also available as full-bed depth building stone. Please contact us for a quote. It is typically not cost-effective to send out less than 800 square feet of full-thickness stone (equivalent to one full semi-load).

Yes, we have a rebate program that offers 10% back on your purchase after you have received your stone and completed four requirements. Find out more about our rebate program.