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Denali Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Free ShippingMade in the USA
$12.60 /sq. ft.
$17.20 /ln. ft.

Professionally made 12"x14" display board with a handle made to show the stones' range of color and texture.



Denali stone brings various rectangular shapes containing browns, grays, and copper colors that add a luxurious feel to your space. This natural stone veneer is great for larger projects like chimneys, exterior siding, and vertical accent walls. The variety of dimpled, smooth, and wavy textures will add depth and personality to your project. Denali stone can fuse elements of basic and modern decors to provide a unique look in any home.

Style: Castle Rock
Color: Earthy Browns, Sky Tones
Finish: Natural

Shipping information

Type: Individual Pieces of Stone

Method: Pallet Shipped

Lead Time: 2 to 4 weeks

Delivery: Curbside Delivery

Shipping: FREE on orders over $5,000. $400 flat rate shipping on orders less than $5,000.


Denali stones are best appreciated enhancing porches and columns, chimney walls, and exterior elevations of businesses and homes. Dark gray grouts will draw attention to this stone as the eye matches it to other elements of the property. The thin cuts on larger sizes of this natural stone veneer are easy to handle and much safer than full sized, uncut stones. The large stones also help save time during layout since they cover more area. Denali will positively impact the entire neighborhood and make your home or business a focal point.


Denali stone's castle-style look will create additional curb appeal for your home. When installed with medium to dark gray grout, this natural stone veneer can look like a solid surface. The wide range of sizes and textures can be combined to create numerous patterns to fill your space. Wrapping corners and creating depth is possible since Denali is cut from natural stone and cuts can reveal even more color and texture. Other stone veneers are often shipped in full sheets; however, Denali is shipped in loose pieces so your layout options are nearly unlimited.

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