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Mediterra Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Free ShippingMade in the USA
$13.60 /sq. ft.
$17.70 /ln. ft.

Professionally made 12"x14" display board with a handle made to show the stones' range of color and texture.



Mediterra stone consists of a blend of white and tan stones each with a mosaic of colors. Every stone in this natural stone veneer is a unique size and shape. This selection of random stones is great to work with on both large and small projects. Mediterra stone adds prestige to projects like accent walls, exterior siding, chimneys, and fireplace surrounds. The neutral tones of this stone will complement accessories like artwork, antiques, electronics, and modern appliances and furniture.

Style: Mosaic
Color: Gold Tones, Natural Tones
Finish: Natural

Shipping information

Type: Individual Pieces of Stone

Method: Pallet Shipped

Lead Time: 2 to 4 weeks

Delivery: Curbside Delivery

Shipping: FREE on orders over $5,000. $400 flat rate shipping on orders less than $5,000.


The consistent texture of Mediterra stones look great on just about any exterior project. Siding and chimneys are both very popular. The colors are neutral enough to meet most local building codes, yet unique enough to help your home stand out in the neighborhood. Mediterra also looks great on interior projects like fireplace surrounds and door or window trim. The random shapes and sizes are great for fitting them around a window or door to tie elements of your home together. Use this natural stone veneer both indoors and outdoors to create continuity in your home.


Dark gray or black grout contrasts the light colors and highlights the random shapes of Mediterra stones. The individual stones really stand out, even from a distance. Move in closer and you will see the beautiful coral-like detail and textures of this stone. Mediterra is shipped in loose pieces to help with the layout process. It speeds up the process and makes it easy to move individual stones until you find the perfect pattern for your project. That means that there is no limit to the layouts you can create.

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