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Venetian Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Free ShippingMade in the USA
$13.05 /sq. ft.
$17.10 /ln. ft.

Professionally made 12"x14" display board with a handle made to show the stones' range of color and texture.



Venetian stone brings shades of tan and gold with some whites and dark browns to your natural stone veneer projects. Textures of the Venetian stones are like sandstone with a few smooth exceptions. This stone is great for large and small projects on homes and landscaping structures. Venetian stones will look great in a rustic, country setting or a contemporary home with new appliances and electronics.

Style: Fieldledge
Color: Earthy Browns, Gold Tones
Finish: Tumbled

Shipping information

Type: Individual Pieces of Stone

Method: Pallet Shipped

Lead Time: 2 to 4 weeks

Delivery: Curbside Delivery

Shipping: FREE on orders over $5,000. $400 flat rate shipping on orders less than $5,000.


This stone is frequently installed as siding for homes. The various shapes and sizes of Venetian natural stone veneer can also be used around windows and doors as trim or to create a consistent look. Venetian can be used to create continuity on your property by adding it to other projects like wrapping porch columns, light posts, and landscaping walls. The neutral colors of this stone often meet local building codes, making it a great choice for just about any neighborhood. Tuscany stone will help make your home stand out in the neighborhood.


Venetian natural stone veneer can be installed with a light or medium grey grout. It can also be installed with the dry stacking method. This allows for a simpler installation as well as a more natural look. The Venetian stones are cut to 1-inch thicknesses, making them safer and easier to handle. This stone can be cut to wrap corners of your project is easy since the colors and textures run all the way through the product. Venetian is shipped in loose pieces, making it easier to make adjustments to your layout. All of this will reduce labor costs and installation time.

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