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Charcoal Bluff Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Charcoal Bluff real stone veneer is a natural limestone with shades of grey, gold and an occasional brown.  The stone has a nice range of textures showcasing both the interior part of the stone and the natural bed. The grey pieces are called machine cut or split face and are produced using a 300 ton hydraulic press to break up the raw slabs of stone.  The gold and brown pieces are the outer parts of the slabs of stone and were colored over thousands of years as water washed minerals over them. Charcoal Bluff is considered an ashlar pattern, however, there some larger rectangular castle rock pieces making this natural stone veneer great for projects of all sizes.

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Charcoal Bluff Real Limestone Thin Veneer Exterior with White Mortar
Charcoal Bluff Real Thin Stone Veneer Exterior with White Mortar
Charcoal Bluff Natural Thin Stone Veneer Exterior with White Mortar
Charcoal Bluff Ashlar Style Real Thin STone Veneer Kitchen with Overgrout and White Mortar
Charcoal Bluff Ashlar Style Natural Thin Stone Veneer Exterior with Overgrout and White Mortar
Front Entrance, Accent Wall, and Chimney with Charcoal Bluff Real Thin Stone Veneer
Front Entrance Ashlar Style Real Thin Stone Veneer Siding
Close-Up of Charcoal Bluff Limestone Exterior Wall
Curb View of Custom Charcoal Bluff Modern and Rustic Home
Custom Charcoal Bluff Ashlar Chimney with Tightfit Mortar Installation
Living Room with Charcoal Bluff Overgrout Interior Walls and Fireplace
Residential Home with Custom Charcoal Bluff Natural Stone Veneer Exterior Siding
Side Patio Entrance with Charcoal Bluff Limestone Veneer
Group of Charcoal Bluff Pallets

Style: Ashlar

The style of the stone indicates the overall dimensions, shape, and pattern in which they are laid. For more information about each style, and which style you should choose, visit the Natural Stone Veneer Style Guide .

Color: Gold Tones, Grey Tones

Finish: Natural

Stone Type: Limestone

The stone type indicates the mineral compositions and properties of the stone. All Quarry Mill natural stone veneers are premium quality real stone and pass all code requirements. For more information about each type, visit the Natural Stone Veneer Type Guide .

Origin: Made in the USA

Approved for all applications due to the high compressive strength and low water absorption of the stone.

Type: Individual Pieces of Stone

Method: Pallet Shipped

Lead Time: Approximately 4 to 6 weeks

Minimum Order: 300 Square Feet


The freight company will call in advance to schedule a delivery appointment. A forklift or skid-steer with pallet forks is required on-site at time of delivery.


Free shipping on orders over $10,000. $500 flat rate shipping on orders less than $10,000. Quarry Mill ships anywhere in the USA with standard access.

Charcoal Bluff Flats

Heights: 2” - 8”
Lengths: 4” - 18”
Depths: ¾” - 1½”
Weight: 13 - 15 lb. per square foot

Charcoal Bluff Corners

Heights: 2” - 8”
Lengths: 3”-5” x 8”-12”
Depths: ¾” - 1-½”
Weight: 20 lb. per linear foot
Angle: 90°


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3 reviews for Charcoal Bluff

  1. - Lorie M.
    I had a big job and wasn’t sure if I could find a company up for the task. I had a particular design I wanted to achieve and needed stone that matched. When I found Quarry Mill, I ordered many samples and found in Charcoal Bluff exactly what I was looking for. The stone worked within my budget and the larger mockup helped me, my designer, and my contractor plan the installation. It is obvious the stone is premium and will last for generations. The house looks great, fits my design exactly, and is very sturdy and well built. I am very pleased with the results and will call Quarry Mill again if I build another house.
  2. - Rachel R.
    After being in our new home for 5 years, all we could envision was giving the place a facelift. We had planned on updating when we bought the home but things got busy and the years got away from us. We started looking for stone suppliers locally and talking to friends about our plans. At a small get together we met a couple through a mutual friend that suggested we look at In the next few days, we looked at the website and it quickly became apparent that this was what we were looking for. The amount of options was incredible and we were able to find what we needed. The customer service was excellent. We really appreciated having someone to talk to about the options. Everyone was friendly and honest. The stone is wonderful. made the process of updating our home easy and we are enjoying the stone and updated look. Thank you for your help!
  3. - Tobie S.
    This rating only goes to 5 stars but The Quarry Mill should receive above 5 stars in every category. The staff knows natural stone and enjoys talking about their offerings and applications. The stone I received was exceptional and just stunning when finished. I stumbled on this company by chance and would not consider using another company in the future. You will not disappointed with The Quarry Mill.