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Gloucester Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Free ShippingMade in the USA
$16.95 /sq. ft.
$20.50 /ln. ft.

Professionally made 12"x14" display board with a handle made to show the stones' range of color and texture.



Gloucester natural stone veneer is cut in various rectangular shapes containing browns and grays that add a unique look to your project. The various sizes of Gloucester stone make it great for large and small projects like chimneys, exterior siding, backsplashes, and accent walls. The natural textures and dimpling in the stone add depth and variety to your project. Gloucester stone is a great choice for modern and rustic homes in any rural setting or urban community.

Style: Castle Rock
Color: Gold Tones, Grey Tones
Finish: Natural

Shipping information

Type: Individual Pieces of Stone

Method: Pallet Shipped

Lead Time: 2 to 4 weeks

Delivery: Curbside Delivery

Shipping: FREE on orders over $5,000. $400 flat rate shipping on orders less than $5,000.


Popular uses for Gloucester stones are covering chimneys, skirted siding, or a porch. The grays and browns will add allure and dimension to your property. Since the stones are cut thin, handling them during installation will be much safer than full sized stones. The various stone sizes also allow you to add this stone to smaller projects to tie the elements of your property together. The luxurious look of Gloucester stone will add curb appeal to your home and make it stand out from other homes in your neighborhood.


Its rustic appeal causes the Gloucester stones to catch the eyes of passers-by. When installed with darker grouts, the stones create a natural looking surface that conveys strength and prominence. The various sizes and thicknesses of the stones help you create an exclusive design for your project. Gloucester is a completely natural material so cutting the stones will reveal more variations in color and texture when wrapping corners or finishing edges. They are cut to 1-inch thick stones of various heights and widths, making them easy to handle. Gloucester is shipped in loose pieces instead of full sheets, making the layout and installation of your project pleasant and less time consuming.

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