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Narragansett Natural Thin Stone Veneer

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$16.95 /sq. ft.
$23.00 /ln. ft.

Professionally made 12"x14" display board with a handle made to show the stones' range of color and texture.



Narragansett natural stone veneer contains browns, tans, and some darker tones. The assortment of rectangular shaped stones adds a deep, luxurious look to your project or home. The various shapes of the Narragansett stones make it easy to create a staggered pattern that works well for projects like chimneys, exterior siding, and bath and tub surrounds. Narragansett stones’ dark, earthy colors bring a natural feel to any home décor. They will complement rustic features and artwork while enhancing more modern accessories like appliances and electronics.

Style: Castle Rock
Color: Earthy Browns, Gold Tones, Grey Tones
Finish: Natural

Shipping information

Type: Individual Pieces of Stone

Method: Pallet Shipped

Lead Time: 2 to 4 weeks

Delivery: Curbside Delivery

Shipping: FREE on orders over $5,000. $400 flat rate shipping on orders less than $5,000.


The dark colors in Narragansett stones will attract some extra attention to your home. The deep rich browns will pop when installed with medium gray grout. The various sizes of the stones help you create depth and the look of a solid stone wall. The assortment of colors make it easy to decorate a room with this stone installed. Narragansett stones are easier and safer to handle since they are cut to 1-inch thicknesses. Planning and installing this natural stone veneer is also faster since the stones are shipped in loose pieces rather than full sheets.


Narragansett stones are often used as residential siding. The dark brown colors add some prestige to your property and the neighborhood. The thin veneer stones are easy to handle during installation, making this a quick, summertime project that will transform your home. Adding Narragansett stones to other features like porch surrounds, chimneys, and mailboxes gives your home a professional look. Using Narragansett indoors further ties these elements together and creates a natural looking world.

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