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Bonavista Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Bonavista is a warm and colorful mosaic-style natural stone veneer.  The irregular shapes create a spiderweb-like pattern when installed.  Bonavista’s variety of colors come from the abundance of minerals within the top few feet of the quarry. The minerals are washed in by rainwater over the years and their concentrations decrease the deeper you go into the quarry.  Bonavista is excavated exclusively from the top three feet of the quarry.  It is a split back product and has not been sawn on the back with a diamond blade.  The split or natural back will have no impact on the installation or final appearance.

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Landscape garden wall with Bonavista mosaic real thin stone veneer
Round patio and walkway with Bonavista mosaic natural stone veneer
California backyard with Bonavista mosaic stone retaining wall and patio
Newport and Bonavista Real Stone Veneer Custom Blend Exterior Accent Wall
Newport and Bonavista Natural Stone Veneer Custom Blend Front Entrance
Newport and Bonavista Natural Thin Stone Veneer Custom Blend Exterior
Newport and Bonavista Real Thin Stone Veneer Custom Blend Front Porch
Exterior accent wall with Bonavista mosaic natural stone veneer
Exterior accent wall and wainscoting with Bonavista and Black Sands real stone veneer
Pallets of Natural Stone Veneer
Natural flagstone used on a patio
Natural stone veneer and flagstone in an outdoor living application
Stone being installed over a block retaining wall
Irregular colorful stone used on a retaining wall
Mosaic stone veneer on a retaining wall
Close up of grey and tan stone on a retaining wall

Style: Mosaic

The style of the stone indicates the overall dimensions, shape, and pattern in which they are laid. For more information about each style, and which style you should choose, visit the Natural Stone Veneer Style Guide .

Color: Gold Tones, Grey Tones

Finish: Natural

Stone Type: Schist

The stone type indicates the mineral compositions and properties of the stone. All Quarry Mill natural stone veneers are premium quality real stone and pass all code requirements. For more information about each type, visit the Natural Stone Veneer Type Guide .

Origin: Made in the USA

Approved for all applications due to the high compressive strength and low water absorption of the stone.

Type: Individual Pieces of Stone

Method: Pallet Shipped

Lead Time: Approximately 4 to 6 weeks

Minimum Order: 300 Square Feet


The freight company will call in advance to schedule a delivery appointment. A forklift or skid-steer with pallet forks is required on-site at time of delivery.


Free shipping on orders over $10,000. $500 flat rate shipping on orders less than $10,000. Quarry Mill ships anywhere in the USA with standard access.

Bonavista Flats

Heights: 4” - 12”
Lengths: 4” - 18”
Depths: ¾” - 1-½”
Weight: 13 - 15 lb. per square foot

Bonavista Corners

Heights: 4” - 12”
Lengths: 3”-5” x 6”-12”
Depths: ¾” - 1-½”
Weight: 20 lb. per linear foot
Angle: 90°


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2 reviews for Bonavista

  1. - Jon
    We spent a lot of time looking for the right place to buy stone for our backyard remodel. We sure are glad we came across Quarry Mill. From start to finish Brandon and Quarry Mill met and exceeded all expectations. The price couldn’t be beat. The quality of the Bonavista stone was top notch and the delivery was as advertised. We couldn’t be happier with the results and would highly recommend Quarry Mill to anyone looking to purchase stone - the price, service and quality can’t be beat.
  2. - Robert C.
    Amazing stone! Great to work with and friendly customer service. Very helpful with pairing our two selections. Had the stone shipped directly to our new home. Will use again.