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Coastal Mist Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Coastal Mist is an off-white natural limestone thin veneer in the dimensional (sawed height) style.  The veneer is sawed to three set heights and predominantly shows the interior part of the natural stone.  Coastal Mist is referred to as a split face or machine-cut stone because it is sawn using a hydraulic press.  The individual pieces are mostly neutral and monochromatic, however, there is a small percentage of more colorful pieces.  The more colorful pieces come from the outer exposed parts of the natural stone and were stained by minerals over the years.  The colorful pieces have a different texture than the neutral pieces and add little splashes of color to the wall.

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Coastal Mist Real Quarried Stone Exterior Masonry
Coastal Mist Natural Thin Stone Veneer Stock Pallet
Coastal Mist Natural Thin Stone Veneer Exterior
Custom Coastal Mist Fireplace with colored stone removed

Style: Dimensional

The style of the stone indicates the overall dimensions, shape, and pattern in which they are laid. For more information about each style, and which style you should choose, visit the Natural Stone Veneer Style Guide .

Color: Gold Tones, Grey Tones, Natural Tones

Finish: Natural

Stone Type: Limestone

The stone type indicates the mineral compositions and properties of the stone. All Quarry Mill natural stone veneers are premium quality real stone and pass all code requirements. For more information about each type, visit the Natural Stone Veneer Type Guide .

Origin: Made in the USA

Approved for all applications due to the high compressive strength and low water absorption of the stone.

Type: Individual Pieces of Stone

Method: Pallet Shipped

Lead Time: Approximately 4 to 6 weeks

Minimum Order: 300 Square Feet


The freight company will call in advance to schedule a delivery appointment. A forklift or skid-steer with pallet forks is required on-site at time of delivery.


Free shipping on orders over $10,000. $500 flat rate shipping on orders less than $10,000. Quarry Mill ships anywhere in the USA with standard access.

Coastal Mist Flats

Heights: 2-¼”, 5”, 7-¾”
Lengths: 4” - 16”
Depths: ¾” - 1-½”
Weight: 13 - 15 lb. per square foot

Coastal Mist Corners

Heights: 2-¼”, 5”, 7-¾”
Lengths: 3”-5” x 8”-12”
Depths: ¾” - 1-½”
Weight: 20 lb. per linear foot
Angle: 90°


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