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Cotswolds Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Cotswolds is an old-world tumbled real thin cut limestone veneer.  The stone blends multiple faces of the limestone slabs to achieve the different colors and textures of Cotswolds.  Cotswolds mixes larger rectangular castle rock pieces with medium ashlar style pieces and a small percentage of legestone pieces.  The stone falls loosely into the ashlar pattern with a range of sizes but maintains more linear lines than traditional ashlar stones.  Cotswolds is a prime example of the beauty that the tumbling process can add to the stone.  Prior to being cut into veneer, the full thickness pieces of stone are put through a drum tumbler where they grind and smash against each other. The tumbling process gives Cotswolds an old weathered appearance.

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Cotswolds Natural Thin Stone Veneer Fireplace
Cotswolds Real Stone Veneer Custom with Less Color
Cotswolds Real Thin Stone Veneer Exterior
Cotswolds Natural Stone Veneer Custom with Less Color

Style: Ashlar

The style of the stone indicates the overall dimensions, shape, and pattern in which they are laid. For more information about each style, and which style you should choose, visit the Natural Stone Veneer Style Guide .

Color: Gold Tones, Grey Tones, Natural Tones

Finish: Tumbled

Stone Type: Limestone

The stone type indicates the mineral compositions and properties of the stone. All Quarry Mill natural stone veneers are premium quality real stone and pass all code requirements. For more information about each type, visit the Natural Stone Veneer Type Guide .

Origin: Made in the USA

Approved for all applications due to the high compressive strength and low water absorption of the stone.

Type: Individual Pieces of Stone

Method: Pallet Shipped

Lead Time: Approximately 4 to 6 weeks

Minimum Order: 300 Square Feet


The freight company will call in advance to schedule a delivery appointment. A forklift or skid-steer with pallet forks is required on-site at time of delivery.


Free shipping on orders over $10,000. $500 flat rate shipping on orders less than $10,000. Quarry Mill ships anywhere in the USA with standard access.

Cotswolds Flats

Heights: 2” - 8”
Lengths: 4” - 18”
Depths: ¾” - 1½”
Weight: 13 - 15 lb. per square foot

Cotswolds Corners

Heights: 2” - 8”
Lengths: 3”-5” x 8”-12”
Depths: ¾” - 1-½”
Weight: 20 lb. per linear foot
Angle: 90°


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2 reviews for Cotswolds

  1. - Caitlyn R.
    I used Quarry Mill stone for our fireplace. I dealt with Brandon (sales staff) and he was professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. The stone was delivered within a few weeks. The total cost was around 7K which seemed expensive to me initially. However, after receiving the stone and having the fireplace completed, I completely understand the value of our new focal point and the life time quality of the stone. The finished fireplace looks FANTASTIC! I highly recommend Quarry Mill and will definitely use them again.
  2. - Cathy E.
    Quarry Mill did a terrific job with a custom request that other local supply stores didn’t have a stone for. Quarry Mill offered exactly what we were looking for and the results have gotten a lot of compliments. Thank you!